DAYS OF OUR LIVES wiki is all about the legendary soap opera known as DAYS OF OUR LIVES, this media giant was born into our tv sets on November 7,1965 and was the first color soap opera of alltime, and it starred Macdonald Carey and Frances Reid (as Tom and Alice Horton, the patriarch and matriarch of the Hortons and the town of Salem) and the town expanded to The Alamains,The Andersons,The Bradys,The DiMeras,and Kiriakis clans...DAYS is still going strong today as always


In 1965, The Hortons were the major family in Salem, patriarch Dr Tom Horton and his matriarch wife Alice Grayson Horton, headed a family of children, Tommy Jr (who was off fighting the Vietnam War), Adelaide "Addy" (who had husband Ben Olson and they had two children, Julie and Steven), Mickey (who was a single lawyer playing the field with many women of Salem), Bill (a brilliant neurosurgeon who was finishing his internship at Salem University Hospital) and Marie (the fragile young woman, the baby of the family, longed for love but got in so many different obstacles, later she became a nun)... In the 1960s, DAYS came to the tv screens and many called it, including TV Guide, the most daring drama ever produced on television for its liberal views and very psychological melodrama, the show itself in the beginning wasnt sure it would survive but then it became somewhat of a phoenix for tv, everytime DAYS went down it brought itself up, its somewhat the miracle soap opera....

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